White Water River Rafting

White Water River Rafting is an unique and thrilling adventure for everybody! Rafting is organized in the SUTLEJ river, one of the longest river of India (it starts in Tibet and flows into Arabian sea); it’s possible to do rafting almost through all the year, but the best time is in May and June.

Tattapani Travel organizing the White Water River Rafting with maximum safety, respect for nature, guaranteeing great fun! Being the first Rafting Team in Tattapani, we are proud of our professional and experienced guides.

You can choose among 2 options: Lotti stretch: 10km, “easy and funny” Marola Down: 25 km,”exciting and amazing” “full day adventure” (possible also with night camping near the river) .It’s amazing taking hot bath after thrilling experience in the chilled river’s water!

Regenerate your adventurous spirit…. WHITE WATER RIVER RAFTING! Organized and operated by Tattapani Travels.